You are more than a masterpiece!

You are more than a masterpiece!


You’re not just a masterpiece, there is more to you. Many of us glory in our beautifully crafted faces and divine structured bodies while others feel inadequate because they feel their physiques could have been better framed. Oh! They wish they were taller or shorter, slimmer or fatter, fairer or darker etc.🙄

Whatever side of the coin that represents you, you have to understand that we are all beautifully created and perfect in our imperfections 😇 but that’s not the focus of today’s gist.

The focus of this message today is not about the masterpiece but the master craftsman that you are. Within every one of us are gifts, talents, abilities and power that is meant to birth novel products and innovative services that will make the world better than it was when we came in.

The joy and fulfilment of a craftsman is in the masterpieces he births. Today, as we celebrate World Art Day, we must remember that there’s a masterpiece inside of you that the world is waiting to savour. When are you going to produce it? Remember, you’re not just a masterpiece piece but a master craftsman- or you can be! 💪

Your life is beyond all you are outwards but more about what you bring out from within.
Produce your art!
Beautify your world!
Use your talents!



Photo @rowlandzy_
Artwork @rowlandzy_
Graphics @iamkennybliss

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