Thoughts on covid… 🤔

Thoughts on covid… 🤔

GO JUICE (Instagram Post (Square))

It has taken me a while to prepare this dose.

In recent times we all have received lots of information. Some things we have heard have encouraged us, some have meant nothing to us, and the rest have discouraged us.

We woke up a few weeks ago to find that the world was changing, a strange plague had hit our planet. COVID-19 (in barely 3 months) has snatched away numerous lives and livelihoods. When I made my first draft (of this post) there were less than 20,000 deaths but as at today there are over 52,000. The virus’ reach has been vast; it has affected the rich and poor, the old and young, everyone and everything has been altered in one way or the other. It is a mystery. 

I don’t know about conspiracy theories, nor the origin of the coronavirus, but I do know that this is not beyond God’s control. The enemy planned this for evil (he never learns!) but we will see God turn it around for good.

God knows how to fix the afflicted, the broken, the crushed and the desolate. It may feel like you are being entombed but you will rise again! I can assure you; beyond covid19 there are glorious plans God has for you.

*Don’t disconnect from the Lord; He is the only answer. Don’t be reckless; godly living is indispensable at this time. Don’t be perturbed; this distress is only for a while. He will surely save you and heal our land!*

This is your glass of *”GO-juice”*

(G▪︎ GOD & O▪︎Optimism)

I’m hoping you drink deep today… 

1 Corinthians 2:7-9 (NIV)

No, we declare God’s wisdom, a mystery that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. However, as it is written:
“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”—
the things God has prepared for those who love him



Much love


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