Spirit of the living God, step in…into my life, into our messes and into this world. Step over the barricades, the obstacles, and the flesh! Step in with Your power, light and glory. Chase away wickedness, darkness and shame! Brood on us!

There are prison gates the devil has locked against us. He wants us to believe that we can never experience freedom. But it is a lie! I believe in You, and the words of Jesus! We have the keys, and by your grace we activate them now! Matt 16:19

In Your name, we walk out of fear, shame, sickness, sorrow, hurt, victimisations and all machinations of hell! We are free in Jesus name!



  1. Michael Chidi

    This is indeed helpful and deep insight. Thanks Mum.

  2. Idaah Miriam

    I’m so much grateful to God for this words of exaltation. I’m more enlightened now via the fabulous secrets of activating the Miracles and divine interventions. Thanks a million MAMA

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