Colossal! (XI)

Colossal! (XI)


For you who is a Christian, today is just a reminder: of the realities of your relationship with God. And, for those who are not to sure, here is a peek into the changes that occur when you accept Jesus as your Lord. In just a few lines, Paul captures and espouses the wins of a believer and confirms that everything Christ came for, He completed to ensure you enjoy true liberty.

You know, every story—fictional or real—begins (not literally though) with a “Once upon a time”. Paul speaking to the church in Colossae, reminded them of how it was before; When you were stuck in your old sin-dead life, you were incapable of responding to God. God brought you alive – right along with Christ! Think of it! All sins forgiven, the slate wiped clean, that old arrest warrant cancelled and nailed to Christ’s Cross (Colossians 2:13-14). So, once upon a time, we were subject to the powers of hell. Once upon a time, we were controlled by the whims of the devil. Once upon a time, we were under bondage to sin. There was a time…. But times have changed. And that is what we are to learn today. It is no longer as it had been, something new, and dare I say, better has come to play. By it, we rule!

What does

  1. You are unstuck: It is terrible to live in a rut. You struggle to get out, but something seems to have you detained in the pit of sin, bad habits and overbearing weaknesses. By yourself, your power, your will and determination alone, you may not be able to overcome most of your shortcomings, but if you key into Jesus’ finished work, the rule of the “old sin-dead life” is abolished.
  2. You are able to respond to God: Sin is a mystery no one can fully decipher. It is not just about wrongdoing, but about disconnection from the Father. When you “commit”, it goes beyond disobeying God, to yielding control to another force different from His. In the time of Adam & Eve, it caused the separation that Jesus came to mend.
    Let’s talk about responding to God. It should come naturally. Reason? You are now alive! Not just existing on planet earth, but alive in Him. Dead things do not respond to anything. But living things do. I’m reminded of our science experiments with plants and sunlight. The “alive” plants lean to the light and blossom. It is time to flourish: arise and shine!
  3. You are forgiven ALL your sins: God cleans the slate as you ask for forgiveness every time! His mercy is so great! His grace is so powerful that the most evil and vile actions can be squashed by a single drop of His blood! We all were on a collision course with the gates of hell. Full speed ahead into the wrath of God… but mercy said no! PS: if you have any guilt hanging over your head, settle it with God today. Repent and renew your mind. God forgives completely and holds nothing against you. So, get out of the self-imposed prison of condemnation.
  4. You are free: There used to be warrant out for you. A poster, with your picture, name and offences listed on it. You were a target for affliction. Everything could use that tag to molest and harm you. But now the warrant is cancelled. You walk out free every day, just because Jesus nailed it to the cross!

Assurance of right standing with God enhances inner wholeness. That’s one way we grow great!

Become Colossal!
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