Colossal! (VIII)

Colossal! (VIII)


Whenever something happens in your life, your mind begins to ponder. These events may either be pleasurable or painful ones. Questions like; “Why did this happen to me?”, “How could I have avoided it” or “What could have been done differently?”, usually follow the painful events. While, “How can I make this happen again?”, “Am I really this amazing?” follow the pleasurable ones.

Your personal stance (your mindset) will determine how you will tilt in respect to those answers. Your conclusions and decisions will take bearing from your positive or negative disposition.

All contemplation habits are changeable. You can gradually altar your convictions, and your life by taking the reins of your thoughts and beliefs. Recall our illustration of the TABLE. Now, liken a thought to being a plank with no legs, do you have a table? No! Without any legs, that plank won’t even stand up by itself.

Now, you see you need legs, these are your beliefs. When all parts are firmly fixed together, you have your convictions. So, for example, if you really believe, you are intelligent, how come? Or if you think you are attractive, how did you get to that conclusion? Isn’t it true that you have some references to support the idea—some experiences in life to back it up? Those are the legs that make your plank solid, that make your belief certain.

But not all your references are correct. Neither can you depend on all of your experiences. Some of them have been misconstrued and by those errors in judgement, you have developed convictions that are anti-you!

Your convictions affect your life. And to change your life, you can begin with changing your convictions. Again, does your table need to be fortified, renovated or demolished?

Tables to be fortified: You have healthy convictions about yourself. Your self-esteem and self-image are good. You appreciate your strengths and capabilities. You acknowledge your weakness. You are still on the path of growth and improvement.

Thus: your job is to ensure that you do not allow the vicissitudes of life negatively affect you.

Tables to be renovated: You are convinced that you are alright, but your table is a bit unbalanced by a few faulty legs. An over-bloated ego, or some excesses in your personality may be warping your view of yourself and life. Thus: your job is to fix those mentalities that affect your wholesomeness.

Tables to be demolished: You have little or no self-confidence. No faith in yourself or what you can do. You suffer from self-doubt. You unnecessarily compare yourself with others and always diminish yourself. Thus: your job is to destroy those references, tackle those past experiences and reframe your mind.

So how can you reframe your mind and create a firm “TABLE” conviction?

  1. Start with the basic belief about yourself. The word of God tells us who we are. How we are special, unique plus divinely created and related. Despite your past mistakes, failures and contrary reports about YOU, you really are who God says you are!
  2. Support your belief by adding new and more powerful references. The more you read the Word and spend time in prayer, the more you glimpse into your purpose and potentials. Start working with those mental pictures. You can do what God says you can do, so go do it! As you set new small goals and succeed at them, you will gradually increase your confidence and launch yourself into bigger things.
  3. Find or create a sparking stimulus. Tie your growth, activities and pursuits to your destiny. Make it bigger than you. Give your life more meaning. Affiliate yourself fully by asking, “What will it cost me, and God, if I don’t?” You must remember God is depending on you. He never does anything in vain: you on earth right now is for a reason, you shall not miss it!

I wish I could expatiate further. There is no space. But please, consciously and conscientiously begin to work on your mindset. Do not let the devil cheat you!

Become Colossal!

See Possibilities!


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