Colossal! (I)

Colossal! (I)


As the year draws to an end, I have been wondering about how to increase—in capacity, in influence and in impact. You know, the bigger YOU can take up more, handle more and conquer more. Growth in mandatory in life… unless you want to die. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “We don’t grow old. When we cease to grow, we become old.” And permit me to add; die!

Growth is defined as the process of developing physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. It is the course taken to increasing in amount, value, or importance. On this one-month journey, we will be drawing inspiration and getting direction from Paul’s letter to the Colossians. I am hoping that these daily write-ups will spur you to grow as an individual so that you can awaken the giant within you and begin to live your dreams.

I, Paul, have been sent on special assignment by Christ as part of God’s master plan. Together with my friend Timothy. (Colossians 1:1 MSG)

I love the way Paul begins most of his letters; with a strong self-identity and self-awareness! He knew, that he had been called and apportioned a responsibility by God. He did not need anyone else’s acceptance or affirmation. He knew who he was and what he was about.


I have come to realise that until you understand your calling and ‘configuration’, it will be a bit more difficult to fulfil your purpose. So, don’t shrink from asking yourself deep directional questions. If nothing, the questions will keep you on track, refocus you on what matters and rekindle meaning in your life.

Adam Sicinski shares Six Pillars of finding your life’s purpose:

*Self-Awareness*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires a deep understanding of yourself and how you currently live your life. E.g. What am I meant to do in this world?

*Motivations*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires understanding the internal motivations that drive your behaviour. E.g. What causes am I most passionate about?

*Dreams*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires tuning into your deepest and most profound dreams and aspirations for the future. E.g. What dreams would I pursue if I had unlimited potential?

*Lifetime Experience*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires searching for clues that you have left behind over a lifetime of experience. E.g How is my work and career path intertwined with my destiny?

*Creating an Ideal*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires a little planning to help you envision an ideal life for yourself. What would my ideal life look like?

*Higher Calling*: Unlocking your life’s purpose requires tuning into the deepest parts of yourself to help you figure out meaningful reasons for living. Where could I provide most value to others? My question is: How am I going to save my world?(emphasis on “my” not the whole world, I am not Jesus lol).

The next beautiful thing is that Paul did not ascribe that pedestal to himself alone, he mentioned Timothy too. Some people think they have to be special. Fulfilling purpose is possible for everyone!

Become Colossal!

See Possibilities!


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