A Poem

A Poem

GO JUICE (Instagram Post (Square))


I knew that somethings need to die before they produce fruit.

I knew there were times nature was such a brute.

I knew that night and darkness would fall before we have light.

But I never knew that covid19 could so wickedly bite.

Some wait in fear, what does the future hold?

Have you been asked or have you been told?

Can someone speak up, please be bold!

Don’t wait to long, it’s getting cold.

Times have changed and are changing still

Times are tough yet you can learn to chill

Like Daniel was kept safe in the lion’s den

God is with *you* as He was with Daniel then.

I hear a voice, a whisper of hope:

Don’t get weary, you will cope

*_I am with you, you have no need to fear_*

*_I promised never to give you more than you can bear_*

*_Keep faith in Me and be of good cheer!_*


Here is your bottle of my *”GO-juice”*, drink deep 🍾 and share 🥂

*Isa 43:18-19*


Apologies for the scarcity…



Much love


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